The Documentary | Homemakers Project

The Documentary.

It is the first documentary that talks openly about the work of the home to raise awareness, shed light and create debate.

This project has been supported by the contribution of a rich variety of profiles: doctors and dieticians, parents with a shared family project, educators, psychologists specialized in work-life balance, family and social policy researchers, household employees, psychiatrists and catering and restaurateur professionals.


An educator, politician, an academic, a management guru … What do they have in common? They have come together to share their thoughts about the role homemaking plays in their lives and the impact that it will have for the future of our society.


¿Qué tiene en común un guru del management, un profesor de Universidad, un político o un educador? Para Homemakers Project se han juntado y han compartido su visión del tema que nos une: el trabajo del hogar y el impacto que este tiene para las familias y el futuro de la sociedad.


Questo progetto è stato realizzato con il contributo di una molteplice varietà di profili professionali e sociali: medici, dietologi, genitori con un progetto familiare condiviso, educatori, psicologi specializzati in misure di conciliazione vita-lavoro, ricercatori in politiche sociali e familiari, professionisti della cura della casa e della famiglia, psichiatri e professionisti del catering e della ristorazione .


Un professeur universitaire, un politicien, un enseignant, un guru de management… qu’est-ce qu’ils ont en commun? Pour le Homemakers Project ils se sont réunis pour partager leurs réflexions sur le rôle du travail du foyer dans leurs vies et l’impacte que cela aura sur le futur de la société.