The Homemakers Project Clips To Be Available In Five Different Languages

Posted on February 26, 2014 · Posted in How to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

Did you know that you can watch the Homemakers Project clips in four different languages?

Whether you prefer English, Italian, French or Spanish, it is very easy to learn more about the Homemakers Project by watching the videos. To activate the subtitles in your preferred language, click on the “CAPTIONS” button and select yours. See the image for guidance. 

More good news is at hand as well, as we are working to translate the videos into one more language: the Homemakers Project will be available in Portuguese very soon!

If you are interested in the Homemakers Project but none of these languages matches your criteria, contact us and tell us which language you would like to see the videos in. We would love to make it reality for you, to the  best of our abilities!

Get inspired now by one of our clips here, it only takes three minutes. “How clean is your home?”; “Thank you for all you do”; “Full time mother, your professional choice” are just a few suggestions among all the videos you can watch.

Keep spreading the good news about the value of the home!