About The Project | Homemakers Project

About The Project.

The Project seeks to capture on film the values and attitudes underpinning the lives of homemakers.

In featuring people from a number of different countries (USA,UK, France, Italy,Argentina and Spain), Homemakers has a distinctive international flavour.

This diversity serves to strengthen rather than dilute the message of the vital role that the homemaker plays in shaping the lives and meeting the fundamental needs of individuals, family and society in the  21st Century.

What do we want from it?

  • Recognize the value of housework in creating a home
  • Promote housework as a profession.
  • Create awareness that running a household requires training, just as in other professions.
  • Counteract the current social pressure that restricts many people, especially women, from choosing a career compatible with their family.
  • Foster freedom to choose.
  • Support people whose professional choice is homemaking.